FiberSweet can be used as a all natural sugar substitute or a sugar enhancer to satisfy your sweet tooth.


FiberSweet addresses the consumer who wants to increase fiber consumption and reduce intake of calories and sugar, while not compromising sweet taste.



FiberSweet is the perfect all natural sugar substitute.


Twice as sweet as sugar, FiberSweet is an all natural sweetener derived from a variety of plant sources that are FDA GRAS approved. ZERO calories and ZERO net carbs. No bitter aftertaste, suitable for Diabetics, can be used as a table top sweetener, great for cooking and baking  or anywhere sugar is used. Unlike other sugars, FiberSweet does not promote tooth decay.


Healthy never tasted Sweeter


FiberSweet is an all natural pro biotic and antifungal for healthy digestive bacteria and provides health benefits for teeth and bones. Sugar wreaks havoc on the body while FiberSweet heals and repairs. FiberSweet builds immunity, helps preserve muscle and breaks down fat during exercise. FiberSweet does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels, has antimicrobial actions that decrease bacteria associated with tooth decay and ear infections, aids in the repair of damaged tooth enamel, reduces plaque formation.


Cooking and Baking with FiberSweet


FiberSweet can be used as sugar substitute, table top sweetener, in baking, ice cream, fruit preserves, confectionery and everywhere where else sugar is used. High temperature cooking and baking with FiberSweet is not a problem. FiberSweet is the perfect sugar substitute for those on a Low Carb Diet or for anyone trying to avoid sugar, on a GFCF diet, LOD or Candida diet. Welcome back sweet treats, pies, candies, chocolates, cookies, and cakes, oh YES! These are just a few of the Guilt-free pleasures that await you. Sounds too good to be true and will taste to good to be true also.







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